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Travel Is Healthy! Tips and Tricks

Hi Amazies!

Welcome back to my brain! As I am just returning from a trip to Arizona, I thought I would drop a few travel tips.

First of all why travel?

It takes too much time, it's too expensive, I am too tired, I don't know where to start, etc etc

Well, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz, who in partnership with Forbes started the #TravelisHealthy instagram campaign,

  • Taking vacations can lower men’s risk of death by 21 percent and mortality from cardiovascular disease by 32 percent.

  • Among women, a lack of vacation is associated with a higher risk of heart disease and death from heart disease.

  • Women who go on trips more frequently are less likely to become tense, depressed or tired and are happier with their marriages.

  • Vacationing improves your mood and reduces stress.

  • It also can temporarily help boost productivity.

So that's a pretty good place to start for why would you travel. It is good for you!

Also it doesn't need to be a trip to Hong Kong to have benefits. I live in Southern Alberta and often haunt Waterton Lakes National Park during the summer months. I love it there, it is stunning! However, I know it so well it feels like an extension of my home. A four hour drive will put me at Banff National Park. It is beautiful, overcrowded, touristy and different. I come away feeling refreshed! And also glad that I live far away from people!

A change of scenery can refresh your perspective on life!

It opens up the creativity channels, gives you new situations to take part in and removes you from the same ole same ole.

Sounds pretty good right? We all need to shake things up every so often. It's good for you. like airing the linens of your soul.

How to Get Started:
  1. Planning your trip. I love the app "Skyscanner" It deals with flights, accommodations, and car rentals. I mostly use it for the flights. It consolidates all of the internet sites where you may buy flights and sticks 'em in one convenient place. You are able to customize and filter and it gives options like adding in stopovers on your way to your destination. If you aren't sure where you would like to travel to, or have a limited amount of time Skyscanner offers options like 'weekend trip and pulls all of the cheapest, funnest destinations you can do in 3 days. It's a handy little app.

  2. Give Yourself Time To Pack. Please pack beforehand! Packing the day before or morning of is a great way to cause yourself stress, and wish you had never booked the trip at all. I like to pack two to three days in advance. I have the peace of mind of knowing I am ready to go, and the ability to switch outfits I have packed if desired. P.S. Pack snacks. Always pack snacks.

  3. Pack light. She who is not carting much luggage through the airport is a happy traveler. Unless you have a personal butler to carry it all and don't mind massive airport fees for overweight and or extra luggage. Personally I take just a carry on. That way I skip the long wait for baggage at the end of the plane as well as any worry that my luggage will be misplaced. Take a load off of your mind. Pack light.

  4. Go With The Flow. All plans are subject to change. Just go with the flow and enjoy what happens.

what does the inside of my carry on look like?

Well, It definetly varies based on where I am going and the climate, but typically you will find the following items: Four shirts; two dresses; and a couple pants and/or skirts. I pick the outfits based on versatility (can I mix and match) functionality (do the outfits work with what I am planning on doing?) and comfort. I am not going to enjoy the activity if I am uncomfortable the whole time. Same goes if I look like I've been hit by a bus. Comfortable and classy is key.

Miscellaneous items in my carry on include my camera, toiletries, kindle (which I only use for traveling) small notebook, writing utensil, laptop and some extra space for anything I want to bring back with me.

Also remember that the outfit you wear on the plane is another outfit for the trip. I usually go with jeans, t-shirt and a nice hoodie, with my jacket overtop. It saves room in the carry on and the layering keeps me comfortable no matter the temperature of the plane.

Now, get going and do something to shake up your routine. Go somewhere new, do something you've never done before. Try a different flavour of ice cream at the parlour.

Change is #good. It keeps your braincells alive and progressing.

Love, ya all! Go make your life something you love.

💙 Shay

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