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Keeping Life Interesting

My dear friend recently left me an email in the which she said,

"If I've learned anything from you, it's not only the little things but also the random things in life that matter!"

I am absolutely tickled over that lovely compliment! It makes me feel good, because I really believe that a little randomness, a little living keeps life worth living.

Sometimes we just need to shake things up a bit to defeat boredom. Wallowing in boredom leads to loneliness, depression and oftentimes bad decisions. So, yeah, we definitely are rooting for his demise.

Effectively planning dates/activities with ourselves on the other hand is a wonderfully fun exercise to try.

For example, just yesterday (from when I was writing this) I was feeling a little blue, so I showered- always a good idea- took the time to actually diffuse my hair properly and put on a little makeup. Then I grabbed my camera, a 50mm lens, a fishbowl and my five-stemmed reading lamp and headed to the upstairs bathroom. You know, the one with no windows.

I had a good hour of entertainment as I played with light and shadows and enjoyed some quality time taking pictures of myself. I actually came out with about five really cute pictures. Cute is relative though, my sister describes them as creepy.

I like them and that is what matters. Finding out what you like.

What do you enjoy doing while spending time with yourself? I am hoping you have had a little more time to do that what with the recent pandemic and all.

I tell you what hours of alone time can really help you to know how you stand with yourself.

Being alone gives you the time to check in on your dreams and goals. It sends you the breath of life needed to rekindle your passions and even try a few new things.

Robin Sharma even said,

“The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal.”

Have you ever journaled? I find it a wonderful release for the soul. A spot where you can write just for yourself. Technically you are writing letters to your future self saying things like, "Hey, remember this?" "Guess what I want to try doing?" and "You will not believe what I just did!" I find it also helps with accountability because at the end of the day you have someone to report to: your future self. Which is a pretty cool feeling when you think about it!

I have friends with bullet journals, scrapbook journals, video journals, doodle journals there are so many ways to journal it's exciting!

But journaling isn't the only way to get to know yourself.

When was the last time you gave in to an impulse. Like I want to jump rope, or I want to sing really, really loud just for fun?

The next time you get one of those impulses, give in to it. Just do it, and enjoy it! It feels so good!

So what sounds fun to you? What would make your day better?

Take that cat nap, go for a walk, call up a friend.

You are the one who creates your life and you are also the one who gets to live it.

I can give you tips, tricks and ideas all day long but when it comes down to it, my idea of interesting and shaking things up a bit are not yours. My idea of an amazing life may entail more horse hair, mud and even acrylic paint covering my hands than a luxury sports car and sound proof recording studio but that is something my brother would love. It all comes down to finding what you enjoy and creating a life that you love.

So create the life you want to be living!

Because that is the life you are really interested in.

Love ya'all



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