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Jo The Bonzai Squirrel

Many moons ago a squirrel lived up a tree. This squirrel's name was Jo. Jo was a flying squirrel and he enjoyed jumping off of trees and into bushes. He hadn't figured out that he could open his arms and glide yet so his jumps all began with the word, Bonzai! He had a splendid time jumping and became the bounciest squirrel ever!

Woodpeckers came from all over the world to watch him jump out of trees. They thought he was the best thing since maple trees! (They like syrupy flavour) Once the queen of the woodpeckers even came to see him and pronounced his performance to be "impeccable"!

It was the greatest day of Jo's life. Which was awesome 'cause flying squirrels life for about six years in the wild- or fifteen if they stick to safety rules and zoos... Which we all know Jo did not. For on one tragic day when Jo could have simply spread his scrawny arms and glided he missed the bush and bumped his head on a clover patch. As a consequence of this tragic fall, Jo forgot how to climb up trees and decided to try life as a rabbit instead.

It was a beautiful life at first. Jumping around and playing tag with cats and dogs. He even found that living in a cozy burrow was a lovely feeling. That is he found it cozy until the first day it rained, and then he found it muddy. And cold. And mildly depressing. So he decided that he would try to be a fish instead. If one was always wet, one could not get wet, right?

Unfortunately, Jo didn't know how to swim and so Jo the squirrel drowned.

Not to worry though he lived! A wonderful doctor by the name of Frankenstein revived him and he was good as new. The good doctor even taught Jo how to climb trees again and showed him how to spread his little arms and use the saggy skin Jo had though was flub in order to glide. Jo was so pleased he helped the doctor find things to use in his advancement of medicine experiments and often had the doctor over to his favourite tree for dinner.

Five years later the doctor rescued Jo one more time and they lived happily ever after.

The End :D

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