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Dreaming Reality

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

What makes the difference between the people who are able to accomplish their dreams, and those who find themselves stuck in life?

Hi Amazies! One of my goals is to keep progressing in life. I want to keep growing and learning and expanding my future. I want to accomplish my dreams. Do you ever wonder why kids learn so much so fast? I've been doing a bit of research into it. Turns out the key is their active imaginations!

Have you ever heard someone say, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks?" Yeah, that's not true. I've taught my aging dog how to do lots of new tricks. As for people, would you believe it if I told you that Julia Child worked in advertising most of her life, and never released her first cookbook until she was in her fifties? What about Vera Wang, who worked as an editor for Vogue until she was in her forties. What did these women have that allowed them to change their lives around and skyrocket to the top? They kept on dreaming. #imagination

I recently began researching more in depth about how imagination influences our lives, motivation, and success. This topic is so interesting to me. As an author I spend a lot of time imagining and I was surprised to find that source 1 (Sources are numbered and documented at the bottom of the page) -which dealt with imagination and its potential to overcome anxiety and fear- explained that the things we imagine have such a great impact on our minds that our bodies anticipate these imaginings as being real. Consider how negative self-talk, rehashing embarrassing/hurtful situations in our thoughts must impact us. This is a cycle we must break. On the other hand how must kind, and encouraging words to our own selves affect us? What kind of a difference will It make to imagine ourselves achieving our goals, fulfilling our own dreams and finding the happiness we all deserve? Personally, I need that kind of motivation. So I say, think about it. Do it over and over, write down what you will feel like when you finally accomplish your dreams. How will you celebrate? (#dream #imagine #changereality) What will future you want to say to present you after you've finally won? #visualization (source three) It is going to be totally amazing! You are amazing.

So how do we bring Imagination back into our lives?

Start simply. When was the last time you coloured a picture? Have you ever tried drawing a picture with the page upside down? Find someone who's game to participate and try telling a story but every fifteen seconds switch who's telling the story. (I particularly enjoy playing this with little kids. It gets pretty hilarious.) Intentionally take a moment to daydream about something positive. There are tons of small ways to get your imagination working, and that's the beginning of everything- Inviting imagination back into your life.

Please, let your imagination take over and your dreams out to play. You have sooo much to offer to yourself and the people around you.

If you are stuck on not knowing what kinds of talents/goals or dreams you could possibly have, I recommend giving "If Talent Were Pizza, You'd Be a Supreme" by Jack Weyland a read... and actually do the simple homework he gives out. It's a great way to give the imagination a kickstart and get those heart and brain juices pumping in synch.

I love the story of a mom who asked her daughter what she wanted to do when she grew up. The daughter told her she wanted to be an astronaut! Already internally shaking her head at the girls "too big" dream, the mom explained how hard it would be. The daughter would need to study really hard, go to university and pass a physical fitness exam. Oblivious to her mothers discomfort the little girl grinned and said, "Thats only three things!"

I want to be like that little girl.

Because, yes, dreams take hard work and a lot of wishing on stars but when it comes down to it, they are worth every effort. After all, it's only three things. And if those three things get me where I want to be... I'll do it!

I want to look back on my life when I'm a little old lady and smile. I want to be the one to encourage my great-great grandchildren to go for it. To do what it takes to fulfill their dreams. To prove to themselves that they are capable of accomplishing something amazing- of being amazing.

After all, I did.






P.S. Photo Credit goes to Mataya Nelson! She tried something new and blew me away. She's amazing.

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