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Discovering Your Interests

Hi Amazies!

What is it you love? What makes you happy? What do you do for YOU?

It is amazingly sad how many women don't know the answer to those questions! We oftentimes are so busy doing things to take care of other peoples lives that we forget to put effort into our own lives.

The good new is that now is a great time to start!

I love opportunities! They are wonderful things and right now we have the opportunity, globally, to spend a little more time with ourselves and our immediate family.

So where to start? First you need to find out what makes you happy, and what makes you feel fulfilled.

Here are a few places you can start :D

Try new things. What is something you have never tried before? Try it! Tie dye an old shirt, Start a journal, Make a scrapbook, Arm knitting, Macrame! There are a whole whack of ideas and you can still order supplies online.

Have a yes day. This is a day where you say "Yes!" to absolutely everything you are asked to do. Your brother asks you to try a waffle-grilled-cheese-covered-in-syrup? Eat up! (By the way that actually happened to me and it. was. delicious.

Go back to little you. Ask her for advice and try doing something you enjoyed as a child it could be colouring, building blocks, play-dough, clay, popsicle picture frames, whatever it was there is probably a version that will work for you now too!

Ask other people what you are good at and go from there.

Steal a hobby from a friend. Most of the time they will be happy to help you learn it even!

WRITE DOWN the first five things that come into your head and go down the list.

What are you already interested in? If you like frogs, try writing a field journal on frogs, complete with pictures cut out and glued in or drawn, it could be good fun!

Colour outside of the lines. I have a friend who hunts rocks as a hobby. She likes to go rock picking and find the pretty ones. She puts them in jars and vases and they make pretty decorations. I have heard of another woman who grows moss on boards and uses different kinds to grow the moss into a picture. There really are no limits to what can be a hobby.

Youtube is your new favourite teacher. There are millions of tutorials on everything under the sun, take advantage of all of that free knowledge!

Try the ABC method. Pick one thing in each category and stick with it for a week. A=Activity: Pick one thing to get you physically moving. B=Brain: Pick one thing to keep your brain alive and working. C=Create: Pick one thing to keep you creative. I will put a list of ideas for each of the ABC's in case you are stuck for ideas, but please have fun with this, pick your own and enjoy your own!

I truly believe that we are creative beings and that as we use and develop our creativity we will be happier, more relaxed and able to face the challenges that life throws us with ease and flexibility.

So, go on Amazies, pick up a new skill, love life and make some lemonade. ;)




Activity- Yoga, Karate, Pilates, Aerobics, Dancing, Stretching, Darts, Contortionism, Baton Twirling, Self-defense, Archery, Axe-throwing, and Card Tricks.

Brain- Journal, Reading, Meditation, Cookery, Learn a new language, Survival Skills, Play a musical instrument, Learn a comedy routine.

Create- Cookie decorating, Embroidery, Creative writing, Origami, Soap carving, Painting, Rapping, Calligraphy, Sketching.

As a point of interest my ABC's for this week are, A- Belly Dancing, B- Research Project on what-makes-my-favourite-show-successful, C- Painting... on jeans. You can check out my progress on my insta stories @amazingshaylee, it should be fun! Tag me in your insta stories too and we can have a little ABCs party while we practice social distancing ;D

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