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A Conversation With Your Future Self

Hi Amazies!

Who do you want to be when you grow up? Can you see her?

What does she look like? How does she speak? What does she tell you? How does she see you?

Who is she?

For one she is your biggest fan. She knows you and she knows where you can go. She is who you will become.

What are you willing to do to become her?

My guess is that she will tell you she didn't come to be all at once. It took consistency, effort and self-love to get there.

I believe she would tell you the daily choices were more important than the WOW moments.

How could they not be? Would she encourage you to give up or to write just one more word, than one more sentence on that book you've always wanted to write? Would she tell you to wear that dress that's been hiding in your closet for a "special occasion" or to keep waiting for someday?

Do you think that she would berate you for your flaws or hold you close and cherish you, grateful for your willingness to see her?

Does she scold you for your ambitions and dreams or does she encourage you to take the next step towards them?

Who is she?

She is whomever you allow her to become.

She is the result of a path you have already taken the first step down- I know you have because you are here.

She is the culmination of daily habits, tiny transformations and active wishing.

Was it easy to become her?

No. Is anything worthwhile ever, really?

Would she have you do it again?

Absolutely, effervescently, enthusiastically, yes!

She IS who you want to be. She is there! And you can believe she is still walking the path to an even better future for you.

So get in action.

Move forward.

Choose who you will become and create that woman.

On days when it is hard, smile one more time, write one more word, choose one more wholesome option for dinner. You will be one step closer to her.

Grab a pen, go back and write out your answers. Detail your conversation with your future self. She deserves for you to remember what she said, and you deserve an account of where you are going. A record of why for your motivation.

Warning: You will grow from this exercise. Growth and transformation may require course correction, and sometimes trigger character development; along with a stronger backbone.

Are you ready to become who you have always wanted to be?

Take your future self's advice.

Start today.



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