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Confession Time

Hi Amazies!

I have a pretty big confession to make ๐Ÿ‘€

You all know how I have not written/posted a new blog in very nearly a whole year?

I. Let. Someone. Stop. Me.

What?! You may say, but why? What happened?

Well, that is very simple. I was confronted by a mentor whom I trust explicitly and was told off for publishing advice on things that I do not personally do.

Now, to clarify, I most certainly DO do the things that I write about. And to explain further- No, I am not perfect at it. But not being perfect at it is also kind of the point. Because life is a process, a journey and some days you are strong and some days you just want your mom and both ways are perfectly alright as long as you keep moving and keep making the effort. The problem comes when you give up. When you throw the towel in. Like I did.

Thank goodness it was temporary!

Which just, you know, goes to show that life really is a process.

I had to work some stuff out in my head before I could start blogging again, because I had -for the first time- developed a case of imposter syndrome. Bleck. Not fun. 10/10 do not recommend.

Cause here is the thing, if you don't someone else will.

What works for me, might not work for you, but will for someone else.

My mind has things to offer that no one else's does because it's mine.

And the same goes for you and yours!

The problem was that I rejected and squelched the info instead of processing it and allowing myself the freedom of a fair trial. I stuffed it into a bottom drawer and forgot about it. And didn't write because writing brought up nagging reminders of that bottom drawer. I had to sit down, pull it out of the drawer, realize that expecting perfection from myself when I wouldn't expect it from anybody else was insane and start writing.

We MUST face the things that worry us.

They are just shadows in a corner.

One day, we won't be scared of them anymore. But sometimes we have to slip out of bed and open the closet to prove to ourselves that there is no monster (or that it is friendly) before we can relax and sleep.

Why torture ourselves by leaving things undone?

The key to finding happiness is being happy.

And the things we don't feel ready for? They are often exactly what we need.

Birds only learn to fly by jumping off of a branch. How come some hit the ground? They don't flap their wings. They don't trust what they themselves are capable of doing. Some who miss just lay down and die and others climb back up and try again.

So jump a hundred times if you must, but keep jumping.

One day you will fly.



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