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30 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Last week I posted about my Gratitude Journal and I decided to follow up with some more ideas on how to do a gratitude journal.

And it doesn't have to be the start of a new month to do a thirty day challenge. After thirty days you will be well on the way to a habit of gratitude.

So, first things first: Why be grateful?

  1. Better Sleep

  2. Happier You- Studies show one good act of gratitude can boost happiness for up to a month

  3. Increased Mental Strength (Lets be real, who doesn't want better ability to cope)

There you have it! Three really good reasons to be grateful. Never mind that recognizing good things in our life helps us to see even more of the good stuff. It's like a beautiful hamster wheel of happiness.

If you are interested in more benefits of gratitude or need more convincing on why you should do a thirty day gratitude challenge, I attached a link to a short article from Harvard Medical School at the end of this post.

Without further ado, here are suggestions for thirty days of gratitude:

  1. Write a short note thanking someone you never properly thanked for something

  2. What food are you grateful for? (Note: Desserts DO count)

  3. What is something your past self did that your present self is grateful for?

  4. Something in nature

  5. Something you are grateful you did even though it scared you

  6. Something that made you laugh

  7. Which of your own personality traits are you grateful for?

  8. What is something about your country that you are grateful for?

  9. A good childhood memory

  10. The best gift you ever received

  11. Your favourite flavour

  12. An answer to prayer

  13. The best reaction to a gift you gave

  14. A time you were given a helping hand

  15. A quote that makes you feel happy

  16. Something you like about where you live

  17. Someone who inspires you to be better

  18. One thing you accomplished today

  19. A possession that makes your life easier?

  20. Someone you love

  21. A time when you felt pretty

  22. Favourite time of the day

  23. A day to day blessing

  24. A piece of positive news

  25. An ambition

  26. What are you grateful for about your family?

  27. Someone that you got to meet

  28. A mentor/teacher/role model

  29. Something you like about the current season

  30. Something random that you are grateful for

Please remember that these are just suggestions, please feel free to tailor this list or build a completely new one!

You can record your thirty days of gratitude through journaling, Instagram posts, photos and any other random ideas! You can even tape your gratitude notes to the fridge! However you do it I hope you know that I am grateful for you!

Thanks for reading my blog, it means alot to me!

I am so #grateful for the way we are able to share information and that I have a platform spread my ideas from.

I am grateful for all of the amazing lessons I am able to learn from the people around me, and I am grateful for the people who share their experiences with me and help me to grow.

And I am thankful for the penultimate toe on my right foot! #shoutouttothelittleguys

Remember the little things, they make life great!



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